The year is 1499. In a remote castle in Tuscany, the great but mysterious renaissance artist, Luca Signorelli , paints an enigmatic fresco which is promptly covered over.

Five hundred years later a document surfaces at the Vatican Library that alludes to the forgotten work. The intrepid art historian Sylvian is summoned, and with a young painting restorer they set about to find the lost work.

In the course of tracking down the painting they encounter a bizarre priest, Mattheo Spello, whose church boasts of a miraculous weeping icon that draws thousands of pilgrims.

Once the fresco is discovered, Sylvian and his assistant gradually uncover the work. Little by little they realize its subject strangely relates to contemporary events which are unfolding.

An inventive story of art and the nature of faith, The Hidden Fresco is a historical mystery of great suspense and surprise.  

In a story prophetically mirroring today’s headlines, Jovan Radakovich has crafted an explosive novel that is certain to generate as much controversy as its subject.

In its 2,000-year history, few scandals have rocked the Catholic Church’s foundations like the current revelations of widespread child abuse and their subsequent cover up. 

Rue d’Enfer takes the reader on a terrifying journey where the headlines leave off.

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